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Single Domain Name  Auction

Wednesday December 5, 2018 auction guide

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Your customers direct to

  • Your new consumer brand based on Malibu.
  • Surveys indicate the word Malibu has near universal recognition and high recall, aka sticky.
  • Shorten your domain name, or be more direct.
  • And if that Swedish paper company (video) launches a new Malibu brand? 
  • Malibu Bleach...actually a great idea.
  • Google's first choice was
  • Universally magical.

Single domain auction Wednesday December 5, 2018. Register today!

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Premium Domain Prices

  • $3.5 million July 2018
  • $9 million 2017
  • Millitzer Capital sold for over $1 million
  • Only a few available domain names are memorable.

The question is, and your brand's next decade.

Two coasts - malibu

 too cool.

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Curious and obvious questions about the auction and event.

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